Goats with an attitude

Dedicated to your Success

It is important to us that we sell quality goats to our customers. We cull based on mothering instinct and kidding percentage. We do not make a habit of penning our does after they kid. If we have to pen doe to get her to mother up that is a good reason to cull her.

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Start your Goat Business the Right Way

When we bought our first goats back in 2000, I did not think of asking the person I was buying from very many questions. As a result we bought goats that we not very good mothers and have some disease issues, primarily CL and CAE. Another issues was that many of the Boer goats we bought had been penned immediately after kidding so mothering instinct was not a selection criteria for the producers where we bought our first goats.

As the result of the learning process, we decided to do a restart on our herd. The timing worked out well, as we were in the process of looking for new property to make it much easier to manage our goats. Thus, as we developed our new herd we bought from goat ranchers who had a history of testing their goats for the common disease or the goats were tested prior to coming to our new place. A clean herd was not the only factor we used for selecting our new herd of goats. We wanted goats that are good forages and good mothers. So we went to goat ranchers that were managing the animals in the same manner that we planned.    

As a result we traveled a ways to get our first group of Kiko doelings and unrelated Kiko buck. We bought our first Kiko doelings from Goats Unlimited of Tennessee in 2013. Luckily we did not have to drive all the way to Tennessee. Craig met their driver about half-way in Minot, ND.  An added bonus was an opportunity to have dinner with the grandchildren. Another trip was to Western Oregon to Lookout Point Ranch to pick up another Kiko buck. 

Now we are seeing the benefits of starting out with goats that are hardy, good foragers, and good mothers as well as the benefit of a clean herd.